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Are resharpened tools the same quality as new?

Yes. The machines and process we use to regrind tools are the same that many manufacturers use when they make them.

What type of tool life can I expect from a reground tool?

There are too many variables to give an exact answer, but in most cases if we regrind and coat a dull carbide tool it will give near the life it did as a new tool… a fraction of the cost.

How long will it take to get our tools back?

Most of our services are performed in house and have a quick turn around time, 2 – 3 days in most cases. Special coatings or other additional processes in most cases will take less then 2 weeks. Shipping and coating are the biggest variables regarding turn around time.

What if I need it yesterday?

For us, customers with “emergencies” are a normal part of our business.  Many services can be finished within 24 hours if needed.  Extra charges would be applied.

How many times can a carbide drill be sharpened?

Most carbide drills are tapered from the tip back.  As the drill’s end is pushed back or cut off its diameter decreases.  On a medium sized drill it can loose .003″off its diameter. If 1.0″ is broke off its end.  A long drill can be sharpened many time until it becomes a stub drill, as long as the smaller diameter is not an issue.

Do you sharpen HSS drills?

Yes, up to 2.5″ diameter. Typically a HSS drill under .250″ is not financially worth doing.

Do you sharpen HSS end mills?

We can sharpen HSS end mills for special applications, but typically do not because it is not financially worth doing.

What do you not sharpen?

We do not sharpen scissors, knives, chainsaws, wood saws, planers, jointers, wood chippers, and lawnmower blades.

Can you resharpen high-performance tools?

Yes, including high performance and coolant through carbide drills, and variable flute end mills.

What type of form tools do you make?

We make solid carbide form tools from .125″ up to .750″ diameter with almost any shape, form, or curve that will fit on it. These are often straight flute tools with no helix.

Can you make new end mills ?

Yes we can, but it is hard for us to be competitively priced on standard tools that  others make in large quantities.  Our prices, and turn around for special, “per print” tools are very competitive.

Do you manufacture brazed insert tooling?

We can modify and sharpen many existing brazed insert tools, but we do not make them.

Are there any special shipping requirements?

We strongly recommend having each tool placed in a plastic tube, (that most of them come new in) and packed in a sturdy box to protect them during shipping. Ship with your preferred shipper.

What about shipping costs?

As mentioned above you can ship your tools to us in what ever way works best for you.  We usally ship them back UPS and add it to your bill.  We promise to NOT unfairly over charge you for shipping as some companies do.

Do you have any hidden charges or markups?

NO. We have a standard price for sharpening services. We DO NOT charge extra for fluting, cut offs, extra flutes, variable flutes, beat-up tools, or other mark-up charges like many other shops.


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